virtual assistant online training course to start your virtual assistant business in 30 days

A Step-by-Step Guide for Launching Your Own Virtual Assistant Business

Our online virtual assistant training course includes the resources, templates, marketing tools and coaching that answers every question you’ve ever had on how to become a virtual assistant!

Get a branding package for your new business with the Plus Training.  Your branding package includes a company logo, website, domain name and hosting for one year, printed business cards and a PowerPoint template!

Are you ready to start a Virtual Assistant business?

Do you want to:

  • Make more money?
  • Work from home?
  • Spend more time with your family?
  • Have better work/life/balance?
  • Have better job security during disasters?

If you answered “yes” to more than one of the questions – you’re not alone.  These are the very reasons many Virtual Assistants entered the industry.

More Time. More Money. More Security.

Virtual Assistants and remote workers are the future and many businesses are now realizing just how cost-effective working remotely really is.

Additionally, as a Virtual Assistant you have the ability to set your own hours and work from home – or wherever you may be traveling to.  Have Wi-Fi will travel!

Take a few minutes to learn more about The 30 Day Virtual Assistant training program.  The cost of our basic program is less than $10 per day for our online training but the value far exceeds that.  The satisfaction of owning your own business and being able to choose the clients that you work for is priceless!

Virtual Assistant Training - What You’ll Learn

Our Virtual Assistant training course is divided into 30 daily lessons and/or homework plans.


Setting Up Your Business

The nitty gritty of how to set up your virtual assistant business, brainstorm business ideas and plan for a successful future.


Defining Your Services

Most people have no idea what type of services to offer.  We’ll identify your skills, find your service offerings and establish your rates..

Find Your Niche

With greater skills, come greater rewards. We will tap into any  specialized skills or experience specific to an industry.

Marketing Your Business

 Everything you need to brand your business, find your ideal clients and business plan to become an expert in your industry.


Security/Disaster Recovery

What do you do when disaster strikes?  How will your business survive a natural disasters – and worse, hackers!


Become a mover and shaker in your industry.  Learn how to expand your network to receive more business leads.


Learn how to set up your billing and payment processing systems and how to easily prepare for filing your business taxes!


Advance Your Skills

 Continuing your education isn’t an option – it’s a MUST!  Technology is advancing quickly and you need to stay on top of your skills!



Your training comes with a free hour of coaching after you’ve completed the course and have launched your business.

Student Testimonials

Learn what our students have to say about The 30 Day Virtual Assistant online training!

I love how down to earth this training is.  I don’t have to flip through pages of fluff to get to the information I need.  I’m working while going through this training so I appreciate being able to study when it’s convenient for my schedule.  I also like how we just dive-in and get to work.  The audio recordings have been a huge help as well.  I listen to them when I walk on my treadmill and have found a lot of great tips for my business by listening to them.


I always liked the idea of working from home – I just didn’t think I had any skills to start my own business.  I was really surprised at how many marketable skills that I do have.  I purchased the training that includes your marketing materials and I just love my logo, website and business cards.  I get compliments on them all the time!  I have to admit going through this course has changed my outlook on a lot of things.  It’s been a great confidence builder and makes me feel empowered! 


After a recent move to Texas I found myself looking for new career ideas.  I learned about The 30 Day Virtual Assistant program from a friend and signed up!  Through this course I was able to determine what motivates me and what services I would like to be offering in the future.  The resources to continue my education are really helpful.  It’s really opened up my eyes to the opportunities that are out there! I’m really excited about my new business!  Thank you!


Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your training different?

Experience counts! I've been a Virtual Assistant since 1997 and I have been coaching Virtual Assistants since 1999. While your training is online, your questions are answered personally by me - no automated responses and you're not left to search Facebook groups for the answers you need.

How long is the 30 day virtual assistant course?

The course is designed to be completed in 30 days however this is not a requirement. With the training provided online, on-demand, you are able to study at your leisure.

Do you guarantee i will get clients?

No. I can not guarantee that you will get clients. If you use the training and have a serious desire and motivation to succeed you should be very successful in this industry.

Working Remotely Means I can Work While I travel?

Yes! Not only can you work from home - you can work as you travel! As long as you have an internet connection and a phone, you can work from virtually anywhere! Nobody needs to know you're working at the beach!

How much can I make as a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistants start off making anywhere between $10-$20 per hour starting out. Virtual Assistants who specialize in niche services such as real estate, legal and tech can make considerably higher rates. $30-$75 per hour is not unheard of in this industry.

What if I have questions after training is complete?

All students receive 1 (one) hour of coaching as a part of their online training. We KNOW you will have questions when you're first starting out and we're here to help. You can break your one hour of coaching into multiple calls as well. We also offer discounted rates for future coaching calls.

Do you provide us with clients and job leads?

No. You are taught how to build your own clientele and how to build your marketing lists for future marketing. Our site does however get contacted from time to time with requests for virtual assistants. If you are on our mailing list we will send an email blast with the information.