What’s holding you back from starting your virtual assistant business?

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I remember growing up we used to go to the community swimming pool. Everyone was there during the hot Texas summers trying to cool off.

There were 3 sets of diving boards; low, medium and a high platform. The summer after 6th grade I had decided this would be the summer I would finally join the “cool kids” and jump off the high platform. I was nervous, excited and could not wait. The anticipation and day dreams of this miraculous moment in my life had built up for a couple of months.

Then it happened. School was out. It was the first week of summer and we were headed to the pool.

I eagerly climbed up the ladder to the high platform and it was the tallest ladder I had ever been on in my entire life. My best friend and I walked to the edge of the platform and my knees started shaking. This is what I had been dreaming of. I was here.

Although I was at the same pool, with the many familiar faces – the view from the top platform was strange and a little scary. It was unfamiliar. At that moment, I doubted myself and my new surroundings and I simply said “I can’t do this.” I was too scared to jump. I told myself I couldn’t do this. I doubted myself.

I made the climb of shame back down the ladder. I walked over to my mom and told her I wanted to leave.

Maybe if I had told myself “YES YOU CAN DO THIS!” instead of agreeing with the inner voice that said I couldn’t – I may have made the jump on my first try.

It took me a week to build up the confidence to try jumping again from the high platform. It also took some other people ridiculing me to the point I had to show them that I could.

That afternoon I laughed at myself for being scared but I also told myself I shouldn’t have doubted myself in the first place.

When I started my VA business, I had the same kind of doubts. Everything was familiar but when doubts rose from my inner voice, instead of agreeing and giving up, this time I was kind to myself and encouraged myself that I CAN and WILL do this…and I will do it WELL!

Be kind to yourself. Encourage yourself. You CAN do this! Now JUMP!

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Anna Jones
I started my business as a Virtual Assistant in 1997. My original company, “The Virtual Secretary” focuses on offering administrative assistance to busy professionals.
Once established, I quickly became intrigued with internet marketing and the importance of having a strong presence on the web. In 2000, I launched “The Virtual Link” which focuses on internet marketing assistance for small businesses and entrepreneurs.
My goal then and now has remained the same; to assist others in launching a virtual assistance business, help established VAs with their marketing needs, and to guide VAs in finding their business niche.